Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets.

Stephanie is the Practice Manager and Senior Veterinary Technician at Lockridge Animal Hospital. She has been working here since 1996 – more than half her life! She started as a kennel attendant while attending high school and has worked her way through education and experience to practice manager.

Becky is the Lead Client Care Specialist at Lockridge Animal Hospital. She has been with the practice since November 2006. Becky uses her education (she has a degree in animal science) to help people through great times welcoming new pets into their heart and home and also helping pet owners through the sad times when they are feeling the loss of their furry family members.

Alana has been a part of the Lockridge Animal Hospital reception team since July 2015. She came to us from the Boston Museum of Science!

Born and raised in Manchester (termed a "townie" by the rest of our staff), Candice always knew that she wanted to work with animals. After getting married, Candice and her husband moved to New Mexico, where she spent a few years working in the veterinary field and rescuing and raising their puppy, Igor. After some time, Candice and her family moved back to their home, New Hampshire.

Gail has been at Lockridge Animal Hospital since October 2003! She adores the veterinary setting because she loves to help animals in need. She is a perfect addition to our reception team because of her willingness to help any creature that may need it.

Robin started at Lockridge Animal Hospital as a receptionist in July of 2015. She has experience in the Boarding and Training field and is a great addition to our team.

Christine is the senior technician, floor supervisor and has been a member of the Lockridge Animal Hospital family since March 2000. She especially enjoys exotic animal medicine, and will often be found snuggling with a visiting bunny!

Although Alyssa has always had a soft spot for animals, she recently discovered her love for veterinary medicine and is currently attending classes to obtain a degree in veterinary technology. Alyssa loves to help, which is obvious by her positive attitude! Since working in the field, she has found an adoration for educating clients on the best possible options for their pet's care.

Sandra has been a surgical technician at Lockridge Animal Hospital since May 1999. In her spare time, Sandra volunteers at a local animal shelter. She has a special love for pit bulls!

The Lockridge Animal Hospital family welcomed Sara to our team in January 2016. She is an experienced veterinary technician and has been a wonderful addition to our hospital.

Kim has been a part of the Lockridge Animal Hospital family since June 2004. On the job, she enjoys spending time with the animals and helping them heal.