Lockridge Animal Hospital offers an array of both prescription and over the counter products to keep your pet happy and healthy. Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with prescription medications to provide preventive care and treat illnesses.

Refilling Medication or Prescription Pet Food

Please call at least 24 hours in advance so we can prepare your pet's medication or food and have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Presciption "Special Orders"

If you have been advised that your pet's medication or food is a "special order," please make sure to call at least 7 days in advance so we can ensure order, shipment, and delivery is complete before your pet's current prescripion runs out.

Some of the products we carry include:

  • Flea, Tick & Heartworm Preventatives
    • Premise Flea Sprays
  • Gentle Leader Head Collars and Easy-Walk Harnesses
  • Behavior Modifying Toys
  • Cardboard Cat Carriers
  • Pet Toothbrushes and Paste
  • Prescription Diet Pet Foods & Treats